Mental Opposition​/​/​The Vision Mission

by Trails

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sexx talk


released February 16, 2016



all rights reserved



Utopian flashback psyche

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Track Name: The Angel/
What a fool I used to be, thinking I was pure and free- open me and you will see the light is fucking me

feeling the beat of your heart on my back-sleep away the day sleep away the day-don't let it add up don't let it stack and the sun keeps falling down on me

everything tragic reminds me of you- everything magic is all caused by you-my love for trees is all cause of you- don't wanna die no more

ill hold you vibrations so close so close and let love surround you wherever you go- let you soul warm up to the idea that I cant be THAT person

im a broken gun, im a setted sun, im a broken gun im a setted sun

the ANGEL your with me, its been a while so kiss me-were moving towards it, I can feel it, things get this bad so that this can exist

ill be your sunflower if you are my pain- make me go to other side and ill keep you sane

fantasizing that im RISINg to the moon in your arms-seeings signs your teathered line keeps me hanging above harm

but its so close its down my THROAt

you were naked in my dream and you were glowing in the dream and you were everything you wanted to be-without me- in my dream
Track Name: mindless
mindless mindless floating round my room
Track Name: Sun
Summer days-The hazy faze- sunlight fills you up

floating as if I'm the man on the moon