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Brian I'm writing this on the eve of seeing Trails live for the second time in just over 2 months. I heard If the sun don't come live when Trails played Ottawa's Arboretum Festival alongside Jeremy Gara (from the Arcade Fire) and Tim Hecker. I was FLOORED by what I heard from Trails and immediately after her set I was filled with the all-consuming desire to purchase and listen to everything Trails had put out to that date. Favorite track: If the sun don't come.
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truth throughout the dark


released January 25, 2016



all rights reserved



Utopian flashback psyche

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Track Name: If the sun don't come
You are still the only thing- and we will see the sunlight in the spring
passed the sea among the grass-and I will find her

sun go

four eyed spirit left alone- among five stones but you can't pick one
and I will keep your love so close I will keep it in the sun

but sun go sun go

and if the sun don't come ill come ill come x4

had a dream, floated all among the trees, its better than it seems you've got time for red light please

I dreamt of your touch, smoking naked on the beach, I wont ask for much
swimming through a sea of bleach

but sun go sun go

and if the sun don't come ill come ill come x4
Track Name: Compromise 2 have 3 eyes
You bring out the best in me- sadistic lullaby stay here with me
don't lose your head in the bed where you sleep-moonshines in a box where they keep- crushing my head in the bed where I sleep


let the man on the moon touch me so slow- and it felt like home

compromise to have 3 eyes
Track Name: Halo
long hands, hold my hand and take me to that special place that's damp and dark so far away
I keep away from light of day it makes me pray the day away I need the sun to help me stay

ritualistic month, I knew the year carried a weight that doesn't match with tiny bodies
can I handle my big spirit- I got horns but where's my halo, that you saw not long ago so they say go take it slow

a dream: you're naked in a silk robe stretching by the window, I can see the curve of your body through the sun lit fabric, you turn to me, eyes glowing, over your head a halo